2008 11 point River Float

August Float on Eleven Point River 2008
The trophy trout section of the Eleven Point River is one of our favorite stretches to float and fish. We base out of Alton just 10 miles south of Greer access on Highway 19. We always use the Eleven Point Canoe Rental for our portages. Brian Sloss and Ryan Griffin do an excellent job and best of all they are fly fishermen so they have the knowledge and expertise on this river to get you into fish. www.11pointcanoe.com . We always stay at the Cotton Cottage in Alton. This is a great place to stay. Super rates and always clean. They are set up for home style accommodations for singles, families, or small groups. They have Queen size beds, Fully equipped kitchen, satellite TV. It is a local rental home that has the capacity for sleeping up to 6. We always stay here on our trips to the Eleven Point River.
The temperatures were in the upper 90s and the heat index was over 100, but we were comfortable both days of our trip. If you get on the river early and stay in the shade as much as possible, the cool water will keep you very content. An occasional dip of the hat always helps and reminds you of just how cold the water is. Both days of our trip were excellent catching days. We estimated that we released 40 on the first day. The second day we actually counted each one. My wife released 26 and I released 24, making it exactly a 50 fish trip. Sandy used a crank bait both days and I used my crawfish pattern with a sinking leader both days. Included in the days catch were some nice smallmouth and one stream born 15 inch rainbow.  You will always be able to tell the stream born fish when they get on the end of your line. They fight twice as hard, go on long powerful runs and are beautifully colored compared to the stockers.


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We use our Coleman Scanoe for just about all of our float trips, and we just about always take our 1/2 Brittany Spaniel Augie. I have included a few photos of our trip and some photos of fish. We fished about 5 to 6  hours both days, getting on the water around 7 AM, fishing down to Mary Decker by 12:00 or 1:00 and paddling out the rest of the distance to Turner access. 5 or 6 hours is about all my wife can take in the boat with her back so we try not to push it any longer than that. If you want to get in some excellent fishing, head down to the Eleven Point. Contact the Eleven Point Canoe Rental for advice, canoe rental or shuttle service.