Steelhead Trip Fall 2014

Normally fall steelhead fishing means find Salmon spawning and the steelhead will be there somewhere downstream. This year the Chinook salmon run was very light and it ended early. There were very few Coho in the system and the Chinooks were finished so finding spawning salmon wasn’t going to be an option this year. Plan B was finding a pattern to locate the steelhead that were in the river and then concentrate on that pattern. It turned out to be deep shaded holes (6 to 10+ feet) with current. We covered a lot of water on this trip with the boat and on foot. Floating proved to be the best way to cover the most water so we could find the most holes to fish. My good friend Barry, out fished me about two to one, which is just about normal. I think we hooked up around 45 times for the week and landed between 30 and 35%. Not a good ratio, but much better than anyone else we met on the river. We agreed, for the amount of steelhead in the system, it was still a good week of fishing



         Barry with an early run steelhead                                                       A heavy, cold morning Chrome


A late afternoon catch beginning of the week                                      early morning chrome on the last day