My annual Steelhead trip to Michigan was last week and despite one day of bad weather it was a nice week. Frost on the windshield and ice in the guides Monday and Tuesday morning, but warmed up to upper 40s in the afternoon. Wednesday was miserable weather, 32 degrees, wind blowing 20, rain sleet and snow and the largest fish of the week was caught in that mess, a 13lb female. Monday we hooked 5 and landed 2, Tuesday I hooked 9 and landed 6. My friend Barry hooked 4 and landed 2. Wednesday I hooked 2 and landed 2, one being the 13 pounder, and Barry hooked two. Thursday was slow with just three between us and I only had 1. Friday I hooked 5 and landed 4 and Barry hooked 2 and landed 1.  All of the steelhead we caught in the last three days were 8-10 lbs with the exception of the 13 pounder. The first couple of days we caught some smaller ones in the 4-6 lb range and a few in the 7-8 lb range, but they were all fresh run chrome sided and jumped and ran like crazy. The darker fish were all in the upper part of the system, so they must have come up with the earlier salmon runs in September. The last two days the water darkened up from the rain sleet and snow on Wednesday that put a ton of leaves in the river and turned over the older leaves on the bottom increasing the tannins in the stream. It was difficult to see the logs and submerged trees on the last two days and I ended up hanging up and breaking off 24 times. The water wasn’t dirty it was more like fishing in stained tea.



I’m Reading the weight on my Boga grip to see if this one tops my 13.5 personal record..