January 2016 I took another trip to the Louisiana gulf water to fish the marsh for Red Fish. I took my youngest son with me this time and treated him to a trip of a life time. He had never fished salt before and had never caught a fish over 5 or 6 pounds. He attempted to fish with a fly rod, but his lack of experience with a heavy fly rod in the wind proved to be too dangerous for Brandon, our guide, and he wasn’t getting the fly anywhere near where it had to be. Throwing a fly rod in the wind, with a moving boat and a moving fish is indeed a challenge even for experienced fly fishermen, so I finally convinced him to switch to a spinning rod for everyone’s sake. He managed to catch the largest fish he has ever landed and he had a great time watching me pull in a new fish added to my caught list, an Alligator Gar. The Gar was about 40 pounds and about 55-57 inches. The largest Red Fish we caught was 20+ pounds and it was a fish Brandon had caught back in August. If you are wondering how he could tell, the marking near the tail was exactly the same “G” looking mark. Another good reason for catch and release fishing.

Brandon Keck was our guide and he is becoming pretty famous in the world of Red Fishing. He just released his newest film about top water action with Big Red Fish. He has another film coming out next summer. Last month I told you about the trailer, now you can see the entire film.  While we were there with him we got a premier viewing prior to it being posted. It is also available on Vimeo  https://vimeo.com/152710432

 Go to www.southernflyexpeditions.com/ for more films and tons of photos.


My son mike with his first Red Fish