2013 Fall Steelhead Trip

Its a little later than I wanted it to be to post my last adventure, but I was in the middle of redoing three websites and this was the last goal I had.The first day out wasn't that slow, but it wasn't a day that I landed very many. The river was low and very clear so I decided to go with 6lb tippet. I had my share of hookups, 8 to be exact, but I only landed 2. However I did land the largest steelhead of my trip with this 13.5 pound male.My good friend and fishing buddy, Barryhad agood day with hookups, but he too did not have a good day with landing % going 3 for 11. We decided to use 8lb tippet the next day when we floated. Boy was it slow on our second day, but our landing% went up with both of us going 2 for 3.We floated on the 3rd day and had an

excellent day again, with our landing percentage, but still not a lot

of hookups with both of us going 2 for 3. The forecast was calling

for rain starting that night so we were hopeful that it would rain enough

to get a little rise on the river and bring up some fresh chromes.

I managed to land an 11 pounder.

For the 3rd day in a row we decided to float, and I was feeling

sorry for Barry because I knew what it was like to row three

consecutive days. I volunteered to give him a break, but he

insisted that he was fine. We found a few new places that we really

had not fished too much in the past, but proved to be hot spots.The

fog set in, and our visibility dropped tremendously, however prior to

the fog setting in we located a pod of excellent size steels in a spot

that we normally float through. The neat thing about this spot was the

fact that we could see their outline contrasting with the sandy bottom,

so we knew where we needed to cast. I hooked up immediately with

what proved to be a 12 pounder. A few fish later and Barry was into

a monster. We both muttered WOW (or something similar to wow,

but I can't post it) when it cleared the surface with a 4 foot jump. After

a long battle I managed to net the fish for him.. We immediately knew

it was Big. It weighed in at 15 lbs on my Bogagrip. We measured it

took some photos, which unfortunately were not too good because

of the fog, and let it go. All in all we went 8 for 14 with several

double digit fish. We drove home in the rain and things were looking

up for the next day with all the fresh water entering the river. We

decided to walk in, knowing where we were going to fish from our

float the day before. It proved to be the best day of the trip. We were

set up in a perfect funnel location and we could see fresh pods of 3

to 8 steelhead coming to us all morning long. It was one of the very best days on the river we had ever had together and the fish were huge. All together, on that last day of the trip, we hooked up 28 times and landed 19. Of those 28 hookups I had an 11, two 12s and a 13. Barry had a 10, an 11 and a 13. If it had not been for the log jam I'm sure Barry would had a couple more double digits. It was an excellent day to end an excellent trip.                    "I'll Be Back"

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